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Valuable Customer Visited Beisit Electric


Our valuable customer Mr. Bill Petrow visited our company on November 10, 2014. 
First we went to the showroom. After a short break, Mr. Bill Petrow began to check our products carefully. Manager Mr. Kevin Lei explained the advantages of our products in details to him. We watched the company video together. The well made company video made our customer had a good knowledge of our company and products. He was very satisfied with it. Mr. Bill Petrow and Mr. Kevin Lei also had further discussion on some details of products.
Then we went to the mold workshop. We told our customer that we could produce the products according to their drawings, because we had established a complete mold processing center with product development and special customized ability for customers.
After that Mr. Kevin Lei showed Mr. Bill Petrow around the production workshop and assembly line. Mr. Kevin Lei introduced the precision injection machines, CNC lathes and also the whole production and packing procedures to him. Our customer would get to know our production and quality control quite well.
Beisit Electric always strives for superior product quality, continual improvement and 100% customs satisfaction. We believe that we would become good business partners with Mr. Bill Petrow in the near future.