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STEREN Shanghai Visits Beisit


On August 25, Mr. Harry Zhao from STEREN Shanghai visited Beisit. We picked him up at the high speed railway station. Before entering the office building, we took a photo to record this memorable meeting.
We went to the showroom firstly. Mr. Kevin Lei briefly introduced our products and certificates to Mr. Harry Zhao. After that, we visited the testing center. Then we showed Mr. Harry Zhao around the production workshop and mold workshop. Mr. Harry Zhao asked many questions about production and machines. After knowing about the details, he told us that he needed to check the documents about our work processes, such as drawings, test reports, customer complaints process and so on.
Our QC colleagues provided test reports about the first part inspection, routing inspection, records of handling method and the incoming material inspection. And they also explained their daily work details to our customer.
Then we went to the technical department. Mr. Harry Zhao talked with our engineer Mr. Li. Mr. Li showed him product drawings, including original and modified ones. Besides, Mr. Li also explained to our customer the technical management process, which was supported by documents.
At the end, Mr. Harry Zhao checked the files of personnel and asked some questions about file management, and random checked the test papers of some colleagues.
Mr. Harry Zhao gave us some suggestions after he had a detailed understanding of our company and products. We very appreciated about that because these suggestions could help us to improve better. We believe Beisit will be stronger and stronger in future.
Hope to meet Mr. Harry Zhao again in the near future.