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Customer from Guatemala Visits Beisit Electric


On August 27, our customer Mr. Daniel who came from Guatemala visited Beisit Electric. Ms. Mary Yang went to the station to pick him up. On the way, Ms. Mary Yang briefly introduced our company to Mr. Daniel, and they also talked about Mr. Daniel's traveling in China. He had visited China more than 6 times.
When they arrived at Beisit, we first took him to visit the showroom, and then the meeting started. Mr. Daniel asked some questions which he concerned about cable ties, especially about packing, because they would need to display cable ties in the supermarket.
After viewing our catalogues, Mr. Daniel found that there were also some other items which they would need recently, like cable clips. He shared with us the sizes which they would need, and required us to offer the best price after this meeting.
Then we showed Mr. Daniel around our factory to visit offices, mould workshop (all the molds of our products were finished by ourselves), production lines, including CNC production line and injection production line, warehouse and testing centre (briefly introduced various kinds of the test instruments).
Mr. Daniel recognized our product quality and the whole process of this meeting. We both hope to become great business partners soon.