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Very pleased to welcome President Chung-Dam, Rho with his colleagues from Joeun FA in South Korea to visit Beisit Electric from Sep. 22 to 23.
On behalf of all staff in Beisit, please let me express our sincere gratitude for your visit and kind comments and suggestions to Beisit, dear Joeun FA.
Before Joeun FA’s visit, we already had an elementary knowledge of each other via e-mail. To help our dear client, Joeun FA to have a better and deeper knowledge of Beisit and Beisit products, we warmly invited Joeun FA to visit Beisit.
In the afternoon of Sep. 22, Mr. Frank Ji and I went to Hangzhou International Airport to pick up President Chung-Dam, Rho and his colleagues. When we arrived at our factory, we showed Beisit company video to our clients. Then we guided them to visit molding workshop, CNC lathe workshop, packing lines and injection workshop.
Joeun FA was very interested in Beisit’s UL listed Metal Cable Glands. They also had very strict requirement for UL certificates and CE certificate for this product. In the morning of Sep. 23, we started our meeting. In this meeting, Beisit agreed to meet Joeun FA’s requirements about certificates. And Beisit would apply for UL and CE certificate for all sizes of metal cable glands.
In conclusion, this was a successful and pleasant meeting! Many issues were settled and we got to know each other better in this meeting. We look forward to meet Joeun FA team again!