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Siemens Visited Beisit lectric


On October 10, 2015, some very important customers visited our company. They were from the Quality and Purchasing Departments of Siemens. After customers from R&D department visited our company for initial observation some time ago, customers from Quality and Purchasing Departments came to audit Beisit factory, to check if Beisit was qualified to enter Siemens Supplier System.
Accompanied by our engineer Mr. Li, customers visited Mold workshop, CNC lathe workshop, Injection workshop and Assembly lines successively. They gave highly recognition on 5S management and said Beisit did as well as Siemens. Mr. Fan from Quality Department stayed for a while in the CNC lathe workshop. He asked some questions in details about production procedure and QC procedure for metal cable glands. In the Injection Workshop, Mr. Fan also put forward some suggestions that there were some places Beisit could improve.
Then we showed customers around the testing center. At present, Beisit is fully equipped with the most professional testing machines in this industry in China. This is also the strong back bone for Beisit to explore overseas markets. Our customers had got to know the functions, standards and regulations for every machine in 
details. Mr. Yin said “However excellent the design  and technology are,  they must accept the test in the market. The testing center of Beisit is the guarantee to stand up against market test.”
After visiting workshop and testing center, our customers went to the meeting room to check some documents in material inspection, production control, quality control, document change and management, RoHS management, safety management and so on. They highly appreciated and recognized that Beisit could strictly do according to ISO9001 management system. Besides, they also put forward some suggestions on quality control, especially on rubber materials.
For Beisit, it was a very successful factory audit, which had laid foundation for our cooperation with Siemens. At the same time, we also found the difference between Beisit and Fortune 500 companies. But only we find our shortage, could we make constant improvement.
“To know shame then be brave, to know shortage then advance forward!” This well-known saying from The Book of Rites will always spur Beisit on to forge ahead aiming at the First Brand in global connector industry.