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Beisit Yearly Meeting of 2016


As time goes by, 2015 passed quickly. The New Year of 2016 also brings new opportunities and a great hope. On a sunny afternoon of Jan, 23rd, all staff came together to celebrate the Chinese New Year and election of top employees of Year 2015.
This meeting started with a wonderful dance show- Meipai Shake. General Manager Mr. Zeng made a short speech. Looking back to the past days, we had experienced tough times but also happy moments. He summed up the Top Ten Achievements Beisit people made in 2015 and confirmed the development goal of 2016. Beisit will take Listing on NEEQ as the new starting point and move forward courageously.
Then after vote of all staff, the name list came out for top employees of fourth quarter, and annual most promising New Comers Award, Loyalty Award, Dedication Award, Endeavour Award, Management Award, Best Team Award, etc. These represented the recognition for the recipients of honors and also encouragement for all staff.
Also there are a lot of amazing shows including dancing, singing, short act and stage play. Between these shows, lucky draw was made. When the Lucky Prize, the Third Prize, the Second Prize and the GM Special Prize came out in succession, all the staff were excited with laughter. It not only brought happiness, but also made us closer to each other. All the people present were drowned in an atmosphere of joy.
This meeting came to an end with a famous but adapted song-“Tomorrow will be better”. As the lyric said, “We bring Lean Production in 2016, to greatly improve productivity. To list on NEEQ is just a rehearsal for mark Beisit name on A-Share stock market in the near future”. We believe Beisit will make better performance year by year!