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Travel Notes in Gangnam


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The First Stop: The First Family in Gangnam
According to the introduction of our tour guide, this place was The First Family in Gangnam granted by Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. From the Reign of Jianyan in Southern Song Dynasty, this family had experienced Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and always had dinner for over 300 years with 15 generations together. At the peak of time, there were over 3,000 people eating together. It was not an easy thing to manage such a large family. There were about 168 strict rules to restrict all the family members.
Now this tourist resort still keeps these precious historical relics such as Zheng’s Ancestral Hall, Old Buddha Hall, etc.
The Second Stop: Hengdian World Studios
We arrived at Hengdian at about 2 p.m. Hengdian World Studios is a very special base for film and TV play shooting. The gardens of Ming and Qing Dynasty are copied from the Imperial Palace in Beijing. So that it is possible for us to visit imperial gardens outside Beijing.
That evening in Dreams Valley we watched two large-scale shows named Fantastic Tai Ji and Torrential Flood Eruption, and also experienced different exciting entertainments. The most impressive project was 4D show Mausoleum of Dragon Emperor in Emperor Qin Palace, which made us experience the scene of mausoleum of this ancient emperor.
The Third Stop: Wuyi Hot Spring
After two days of travelling, all of us were very tired. It was time to relax. So we went to Wuyi Hot Spring. Hot spring had very special healing effect to human body. After that we all recovered back and became energetic to continue the following travelling plan.
The fourth Stop: Long You Grottoes
Long You Grottoes is China’s one of the highest level of underground artificial architectural complex in ancient times, and also one of China’s Wonders. It is the biggest ancient underground artificial construction in the world so far. It was so amazing that all of us were filled with admiration about the superlative craftsmanship of our forefathers.
The Fifth Stop: Thousand Islet Lake
After leaving Long You Grottoes, we went to Thousand Islet Lake. Before entering the downtown, we were attracted by the beautiful scenery one the way. After arriving at the dock, we took a pleasure-boat to visit around the islets. The crystal clear lake water and different sizes of islets had left a very good impression on us. Besides, we ate the special fish from Thousand Islet Lake, very delicious.
The Sixth Stop: Yanziling Fishing Platform
Tonglu is the origin of many express companies in China. The scenery there is also very beautiful. Yanziling Fishing Platform was one of our destinations. It was also called as The Small Three Gorges in Fuchun River. Far from noises of cities, we were surrounded by the Mother Nature, just like the purification of souls.
The Seventh Stop: Xiu Shan Mei Di Farmstead
At the end, we went to the Xiu Shan Mei Di Farmstead in Renhe Town. There we experienced life in the farm and ate delicious food, very pleasing.